What if I want to use my car for business too?

A lot of us use our car to get to and from work. 

But you might also need it for work purposes other than commuting. 

For instance, you might occasionally:

  • Travel to visit clients or attend business meetings
  • Drive between different business sites

If this is the case, you will need to add Business Cover to your Prima car insurance policy. It might increase your premium. But you and your partner will then be covered for the above work purposes.

To add it, contact us on live chat or call 020 3318 9745.

Please note that our Business Cover is not the same as commercial car insurance. So you won’t be covered to:

  • Make business deliveries 
  • Make door-to-door sales 
  • Run business errands
  • Let other employees drive your car

We don’t currently provide commercial car insurance. So if you need this cover, we recommend you look elsewhere.

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