Am I covered to drive someone else’s car?

If you’re a Prima policy holder (not just an additional driver), you’re covered to drive another car, so long as:

  • It’s not owned by you or your partner
  • You’ve not hired it or got it under any other financial agreement
  • You have permission from the owner
  • You were aged 25 or over at the start of your current policy period
  • Your certificate of motor insurance says you can drive other cars
  • You still have legal use of your own car

This is known as driving other cars (DOC) cover. 

DOC cover is third party. That means, if you’re involved in an accident that’s your fault, you’re only covered for damages to the other person and their car. You’re not covered for damages to yourself or the car you’re driving. 

What’s more, DOC cover is only supposed to be used in exceptional circumstances or emergencies. For instance, if your friend is unwell and you need to drive their car to a hospital or safe place.

If you intend to drive another car regularly, you shouldn’t rely on DOC cover. You’ll need to take out appropriate insurance.

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