What if I want to cancel my policy?

We’d hate to lose you. But you can cancel your Prima car insurance policy anytime. Simply contact us.

Cancellation fees

If you bought your policy within the last 14 days, you won’t need to pay a cancellation fee. If you bought your policy more than 14 days ago though, there will be a £40 fee.


When you cancel your policy, we’ll let you know if you’re due a refund or if there’s anything outstanding you need to pay.

We calculate refunds on a pro rata basis. That means you’ll only pay for the days you were insured with us.

For instance, let’s say you paid for your policy in full when you bought it. If you then cancel 30 days into your policy period, we’ll refund you your full premium, minus:

  • The cost of those 30 days you were covered
  • Our £40 cancellation fee

Your money will be in your account within 10 working days, depending on your bank.

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