Am I covered for windscreen or glass damage?


If your windscreen, windows or sunroof are damaged, rest assured that we’ll cover the cost of repairing or replacing it through our approved repairer.

How to make a glass claim

You can book your repair directly with our approved repairer. 

It won’t affect your no claims bonus. And it’s really quick and easy…

  1. Book your repair online (or call 0800 363636).
  2. Our repairer will confirm what you’ll pay as excess. 
  3. They’ll send us a bill and we’ll pay the rest.

If you choose a different repairer

For whatever reason, you might choose to use a repairer not approved by us. If you do this (and the repair bill’s more than your glass excess), we’ll contribute up to:

  • £25 for each glass repair 
  • £50 for each glass replacement
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