What’s motor legal cover and should I add it to my policy?

We give you the option to add motor legal cover when you first buy your policy.

You don’t have to have motor legal cover by law. But it can protect you from hefty legal costs if an incident that’s not your fault ends up in court. 

Helps you chase compensation or defend yourself

For example, let’s say you’re involved in a car accident. 

If you’re left hurt or unable to work, motor legal cover can help you take the driver responsible to court to chase compensation. 

Or, if the other driver disputes what happened and takes you to court, it can cover the costs of defending yourself.   

Doesn’t just cover legal costs following an accident

Motor legal cover can also cover the legal costs of defending yourself or recovering losses if:

  • You’re taken to court over a motor offence you didn’t commit
  • Your car’s illegally clamped or towed
  • You’re wrongly given a parking fine
  • You’re in a dispute over a contract involving your car (e.g. a financing agreement)
  • Someone uses your car’s identity without permission
  • Your driving licence is suspended, revoked, altered or refused renewal by a licensing authority

How much you’ll be covered for 

With our motor legal cover, you can claim up to £100,000 per incident – or up to £200,000 per policy period.

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