How does the claims process work?

  1. We’ll review your policy

When you call to make a claim, we’ll first confirm that everyone’s safe and well. Then, we’ll ask for your:

  • Name
  • Policy number
  • Car registration number

We’ll check your policy and let you know what’s covered and if there’s any excess to pay. 

(If there is excess to pay, you’ll need to pay it. But if the accident wasn’t your fault, you should get this money back later.)

  1. We’ll get you back on the road 

We’ll arrange for one of our approved repairers to quickly assess the damage to your car at a time that suits you. 

If your car can be fixed, the repairer will get started as soon as we’ve approved the work. Rest assured that you’ll be provided with a courtesy car while the work is carried out. And as soon as the work is done, your own car will be returned to you. 

If your car can’t be fixed, we’ll pay you what your car was worth at the time of the accident instead. 

  1. We’ll confirm who was at fault

Sometimes, it’s clear who was at fault in an accident. But if it isn’t – or there are different opinions about what happened – we’ll talk to you and anyone else involved. Our specialist claims handlers will then objectively assess all the information.

  1. We’ll discuss any injury claims

If anyone’s hurt as a result of the accident, the first priority is to make sure they receive suitable treatment from a hospital or GP.

Claims involving injuries can be complex. So if the accident was your fault, rest assured that we’ll assign a specialist claims handler to your case.

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We’re online between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.